Cross Training

In Cross Training we don’t like routine, we use movements that we need in everyday life, and you will always feel like you gave it your all after a workout!
Cross Training is a combination of Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and cardio, all put together to give you a different workout every single day performed at a high intensity.
It doesn’t matter what experience you have, or how old you are when you start Cross Training, all workouts are scalable making it a sport for anyone and everyone.


Conditioning is a program designed with Cross Training methodologies, getting you an hour of high intensity training that constantly varies, all without lifting any barbells!
If you are not a fan of lifting heavy weights, Conditioning is definitely for you!  It’s guaranteed to get you in shape using minimum equipment!
Start right away! Check our schedule!


Our foundation classes are your gateway to our Cross Training program, we teach you the right movements and how to perform them safely and efficiently.
As a beginner you will be joining the Foundation program that will ensure that all the basic skills are covered and mastered before joining the Cross Training class.


TransformHer is our ladies only program. Created so you can get stronger and tone you muscles without getting bulky! It will increase your fitness, strengthen your core, and you will have the most fun hour of your day!

The Gymnast

Pull ups? Muscle ups? Handstand walks or back flips?!
The Gymnast has got your back!

Designed to get you to your gymnastics goals no matter what they are! no matter what your level is!
Focusing on techniques, drills and progressions, They Gymnast will develop all those skills..

1-on-1 Training

A program that is fully customized based on your personal goals!
Working together with your coach, you will determine your fitness goals and how to achieve them. Whether it be weight loss, athletic  performance or competitive training, your coach will get you there.

How to Get Started in our Cross Training Program?

It’s simple, choose one of our branches, and just show up to any of our foundation classes!
We are located in Sheikh Zayed, SODIC West, SODIC Sports Club , inside Shooting Club, Dokki branch and inside MUST (Misr University for Science and Technology)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us and we will help you get started!