The Details

Earned is our signature weight loss program! We train for 4 weeks with a total of 36 sessions in addition to following customized nutrition plans.

The Training

We train 6 days per week, 9 training sessions per week. some days of the week , we train twice per day. Before and after Iftar!
Training sessions are split between High Intensity training and Strength & Core training .

The Nutrition

For everyone joining the program, a customized nutrition plan will be created individually for each one based on In Body measurements, needs, likes and dislikes.

The Packages

We offer 3 different packages, and the best one is if you get a friend!

Register now and enjoy our early bird discount!

Early Bird Rates, till March 2nd

Come Solo: EGP 3000

Regular Rates
Come Solo: EGP 3300
Bring a Friend: EGP 3000 (each)
Pay in 2 installments: EGP 3600 (split in half)


Is there any fitness level required to join Earned?
No requirements for the program, you do not need to have a certain fitness level or sports background to join.

What if I can’t do all the movements?
Our coaches are here to help you with that, you don’t need to worry!

Where is the program available?
Earned is available in all our locations, SODIC West, Downtown & MUST.

Is the shooting club location accessible for everyone?
Shooting Club branch is open for club members only.
However, our SODIC and MUST branches are open for everyone.

Should I stick to one location?
No, you don’t. You can attend in anywhere suitable for you. However, you will be asked to fill a form with your primary location (where you attend most classes).


Registration steps:
1- Complete the payment
2- Download the Nutrition form below
3- Fill it and email it to (the sooner, the earlier you receive your plan)
4- Check out your email within 24 hours for confirmation

To be announced